Saturday, March 14, 2009

Police Stations are Fun!

Yes indeed. Especially when you get to be there until three thirty-ish in the morning after having stayed up the night before until four-ish attempting to have a serious conversation about the philosophy of voting. Don't worry! I am not currently under investigation.

The Peace Corps volunteers of Bayankhongor went to get free food courtesy of some American students at a local hotel who are staying here in Mongolia for a few months. After dinner at their hotel dancing was necessary. Strolled over to a disco club. As we get ready to leave (around 12:30) someone discovers that their coat has been stolen. Chat with the owners of the club. Police come. "Interrogations" ensue. One volunteer tells me that she was once at a restaurant that was held up at gun point. The questioning for that event took less time than our two and a half hour date with the Bayankhongorian police authorities.

In other news: concert is officially happening. May 8 at 8PM. The theater tells me they will get the piano fixed and tuned for the event. Proceeds going to the local Disabled Children's Center. What part of my soul did I have to sell to these people to make this happen you ask? I will be teaching piano lessons at the theater and school number 2 starting...soon. The program will, hopefully, look something like this:

Beethoven Op. 101 (Tysen)
Chopin Ballad #2

Se florindo e fedele
Les berceaux
What Good Would the Moon Be
Mein Herr Marquis (Leslie and Tysen)

Mongolian music (Leslie, Zulaa [playing the yoochin] and Tysen)

[More about the Yoochin and other Mongolian instruments at:]

All in all about an hour of music.