Friday, January 29, 2010

Saving the World

Background: There is a popular drink called aarts here in Mongolia. It is made from sugary crushed curds boiled with water and flour. Usually drunk in winter and hard to find during other seasons (though summer 2009 study claims that aarts ice cream is available!).

Problem: Aarts does not exist (in sizable enough quantities to be sold or noticed at least) in the United States of America or the surrounding countries. The glory of this drink makes it an official criterion for civilized cultures.


Solution: A volunteer group headed by T. Dawer will go throughout the lands of the Americas and bring them both aarts and the knowledge of how to make said drink. This will result in 5,236 citizens displaying a knowledge of the aarts making process by the year 2020. In addition 39,386 individuals will have tasted aarts and acknowledged its glory.

Summary: World saved.

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juliajohansen said...

That is officially AWESOME! I loved the language you used. Having done two PEPFAR grants I am all too familiar with that process. Bravo! :)