Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer in Bayankhongor

***Blatantly stolen from Camus' essay "Summer in Algiers"***

"The loves we share with a city are often secret loves."

"Bayankhongor opens to the sky like a mouth or a wound."

"In Bayankhongor one loves the commonplaces..."

"In Bayankhongor whoever is young and alive finds sanctuary and occasion for triumphs everywhere..."

"But for whoever has lost his youth there is nothing to cling to and nowhere where melancholy can escape itself."

"...places where man can flee his humanity and gently liberate himself from himself."

"...above all, there is the silence of summer evenings."

"Those brief moments when day topples into night must be peopled with secret signs and summons..."

"Everything related to death is either ridiculous or hateful here."

"To feel one's attachment to a certain region, one's love for a certain group of men, toknow that there is always a spot where one's heart will feel at peace - these are many certainties for a single human life. And yet this is not enough. But at certain moments everything yearns for that spiritual home. "Yes, we must go back there - these indeed." Is there anything odd in finding on earth that union that Plotinus longed for?"

"In the evening or after the rain, the whole earth, its womb moist with a seed redolent of bitter almond, rests after having given herself to the sun all summer long. And again that scent hallows the union of man and earthand awakens in us the only really virile love in this world: ephemeral and noble."

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