Friday, April 2, 2010


Lesson planned the rest of my college classes this week and it hit me: things are winding down. Reminded me that I have wanted to make a few lists ever since me sister Nikki came to visit last June. Here they finally are!

Things I will miss about Mongolia:
  • Aida, my cat (who is officially going to live with my landlady when I leave!)
  • my piano students: in a country with almost zero pianos some of them still manage to knock my socks off at their lessons
  • playing Phillip Glass pieces on a keyboard with settings number 33 (Strings II) and Drum Set Kit #5 (shame on me)
  • the smell of vodka and cigarettes in the Children's Theater practice room
  • practicing piano at the Shuren family ger
  • my ger!
  • Dogoo (my landlady) and her tea visits
  • everything being within walking distance
  • random French rapping on TV after a long day of hitting people over the head with English
  • Nomgon mountain, Tui River, Eurol River, Selenge province...
  • finding extreme answers while correcting tests ("I am wearing apple.")
  • the feeling a warming sun after 6 months of winter
  • my little brother's sketching, painting, and card playing visits
  • my amazing site mates: couldn't have asked for a better PC family
  • musing over the supply and demand of fresh tofu in this city
  • making a 102 degree fire in January and enjoying it with some hot chocolate
  • people singing on the street, at the store, and at work
  • hearing Mongolian
  • the veggie restaurant lady's smile
  • drinking the camel milk that a student gave to a fellow teacher in hopes of not receiving a failing grade
  • wrinkled old grandmas and grandpas in deels
Of course, there are also many things to look forward to about being in the States once again:
  • my own piano, upon which I can practice WHENEVER I WANT!!!
  • live music
  • libraries
  • cooking with friends and family (miss you guys!)
  • having an apartment and forcing my father to assist in it's interior decoration
  • living with less than I previously thought necessary (example: bowls and spoons, what other dishes does one need?)
  • working with Dr. Rieppel in preperation for...
  • grad school 2011!
  • getting a new job
  • dictionaries and the internet
  • fresh fruit and veggies, all the time!
  • growing herbs, lettuce...anything in my dwelling place
Will likely need to add some things to this list as these final months unfold. In the meantime, enjoy Spring!


Commentmoderator said...

I'm fast becoming a Phillip Glass fan...I have Pandora all day in my office and there's this LOVELY song by Arvo Part that I made the base of my 'station' and mostly it's Philip Glass that matches it. If you've never seen the koyanaskatchi series, you'll have to see it when you get back. It's backdropped with Glass...
Wishing you well. Swell spring here. My crocus are up as well as a few brave daffodil!

Tysen said...

Part is where it's at! Love his work, some great early pieces too. I have seen the Koyanaskatchi works, pieces at least, wonderful stuff, look forward to seeing them in their entirety when I get home!

Kim M said...

I tried the having dad decorate doesn't work, as to the German piano thing how about Carl Maria Von Weber? saw it on Wiki!